Little Girls Bedroom Makeover

Oh the woes of middle child syndrome.
She lost out to big sister and little brothers on getting a nice room upstairs.
The dark basement it was.
Well, it was time to put some light and personality into the space.

We needed to go from dark and dreary to light and bright!
So let's talk about the "light"......
I found it for $10 dollars at the thrift store.
I spray painted it Rustoleum's "coral"
and had it installed only to discover...

It doesn't work!
She's going off lamp light till I find another one.
Lesson learned?
Test used fixtures BEFORE installing!
Next up:
Getting some personality onto the walls.

We picked this fun removable wallpaper from Target.
Did you know they now carry removable wallpaper and pre-mixed paint?
Well they do!
And life just got simplified.  This is renter friendly and tear free.:)
No steaming and scraping walls to remove.
It literally peels right off!
I'm a little giddy on the possibilities this provides.
I just finished a year of renting and had I known about this, I may have sold my left eye for the opportunity this would have provided to personalize my space.
No landlord consent needed!

I'm not too sentimental of a gal, but I do love that this was my childhood dresser.:)
 We picked a coordinating paint color for the remaining walls.

Devine Color Firefly Paint - Assorted Sizes
"Devine Firefly"
A perfect creamy yellow.
It instantly lightened and brightened the space.

The pre mixed paint is great for those who have ever looked at a wall of paint chips, felt overwhelmed and wanted to cry!
They've already done the homework and found the perfect colors and hues for you!
It's literally a grab and run purchase.
  I like!

Happiness infused!

The headboard is painted:

Devine Color Horizon Paint - Assorted Sizes
"Devine Horizon'

 The antlers were taken from manly to girly with some white paint and some fun flowers.
The husband may be mortified but us girls are happy!

 Add in some polka dots, some shiny and some ruffles and what more could a girl want.
Ruffle pillows can be found  HERE

This girls my busy desk worker, so we needed to incorporate that.

And positive true messages are a fun reminder.

Adorable felt flower art found: 
I love using three dimensional art and these felt flowers add some fun texture.

 And little girls and pom poms.....
a given.

 This room is now bright and cheerful thanks to a big dose of  sunny yellow added in.

See a fun hutch makeover using the same removeable wallpaper and paint

Paint and peel and stick wallpaper can be purchased
I'm off to wallpaper all the things!