Fall in the Farmhouse

By far my favorite season to decorate!
No totes coming down from the attic.
No rearranging furniture to make room for trees.
Just a walk outdoors and mother nature provides.
 We love that you can decorate in September and it will take you all the way through November
(until the totes come down):)
 This dough bowl has been so fun to decorate with each season.

White and blue "Cinderella" pumpkins of course!

 Keeping it all neutral and it still says "fall".


Loving that it just took adding in bits of nature in just a few spots
to completely transform the feel of the space.
Fall is definitely low cost/no cost decorating!

 Leaves from the maple out back.

And still so happy that I painted that chimney!
A bouquet of dried hydrangeas and some pine cones in the hutch
and done!

Fun little ditty on the hydrangeas........
Our brother owns a nursery.
We were over scavenging pumpkins and saw that he had hydrangea bushes!
We were a bit giddy!
We started pillaging the blossoms and he said he thought the bushes were UGLY
and he'd been wanting to get rid of them!
Then and there he dug up those suckers and loaded them into our car.
Who's the sucker now?!:)