Entryway Before and After

 No matter how many walls or pieces I paint,  
I'm always surprised at the difference paint can make.
 I did this board and batten treatment on this entryway over 2 years ago.
And I just got around to painting the entryway to match the rest of the house.
The results are pretty dramatic.

(Excuse the horrid Before pictures. It's all I could find to work with)

 This entryway is small .
This house has no mudroom so I wanted something that looked pretty and functional.
A place to hang coats, bags, keys.
I found several board and batten tutorials online and had all the wood
precut at Lowes.

 The total for the board and batten treatment that includes:
 lumber, paint, nails, adhesive, and hooks
Came to $125.

And then it stayed in this state for the last two years.
I had since repainted most of the house a grey/blue but had not gotten to 
the entryway yet.
I dont know why I didn't do it sooner.
I'm loving the new colors.
Wall color: Benjamin Moore Gray Owl

This area of the house is so dark, I was hesitant to paint the door black.
I'm loving the contrast though.
You can never go wrong with a black door.

                                       Before                                                     After

Now if y'all excuse me while I finish  painting the rest of this hallway
 and question some longtime friendships on what excuse they have for not giving me a heads up on the
bad state of my entryway.
(You know who you are!)

 What simple paint fix are you still living with?


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