Ballard Designs Knock-off Shingle Mirror

There's a fun story that goes along with this picture on how to make your own 
Huge Oversized shingle mirror!

We hold our "Fancy Farmgirls" Sale out of a not so fancy shed.

It is full of memories and character and........
Which provides a magical dappled light effect which we LOVE
it rains!
We watch the weather in the weeks coming up to our sales
and we cross our fingers a lot
and send a few prayers heavenward
that the rain will be great AFTER the sale.

And each windstorm that comes up
adds a bit more "character" to the shed with a lot of new
nature made "skylights".
We grumble and gather the shingles scattered around the property and toss them in the trash

We saw THIS!

DIY Ballard Designs Knockoff Mirror

We need a wind storm!

Liz disassembled an existing mirror.
You can also purchase mirror rounds at the craft stores.

 Use the old school "nail and string" method to trace out a circle that is about the circumference of your mirror and shingles.
This will serve as the backing for support to glue  your mirror and shingles. 
Cut out your circle knowing you don't have to be perfect on your
cuts, because it will all be covered up.
Let go of your inner perfectionist (if you have one).
I don't;)

Using mirror adhesive, center the mirror on your wood backing.
Using wood glue, glue on your shingles in an overlapping pattern

How cool is that?!

We have a sentimental piece of our childhood
turned into a piece of art.

And suddenly.....
I like wind storms.:)

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