Christmas at the Farmhouse

Christmas at the Farmhouse this year...
Simple and Easy

So let's talk about the Elephant in the room ...
that not so designer friendly, wood burning stove.
That was this homes sole source of heat for the first 25+ years.
Until recently this home had no central AC or heat.  My dad kept that thing burning all winter long for us.
And for that reason,   I love it!

The only decor new this year was fresh greenery provided by Mother Nature 
and one box of red ornaments.
We sprinkled them throughout and were good to go!

Head down the hall...
toThe Kitchen
My favorite!

Every year this buffet hosts our hot chocolate/apple cider bar

We're starting a new tradition this year and attempting to cook up a batch of Santas cookies in this guy.
I love the security of having a wood burning stove.

                                                   Merry Christmas to you all!
                                                 Hope this finds you all well!
                                                                     xoxox ,
                                                        from the farmhouse.